MRS_0802_c.jpg (160685 Byte)                       TF_08_02.jpg (65402 Byte)     Bericht Kurve 07_02_c.jpg (125190 Byte)     MotorradNews_8_02.jpg (69023 Byte)           

Motorrad reisen & sport 08/02                  Tourenfahrer 08/02              Kurve 07/02                MotorradNews 8/02

     Eckf-Nchr_140802 GTS1000_cd.jpg (468642 Byte)                Eckf-Nchr_260802_c.jpg (641105 Byte)

Eck.-förder Nachr. 15.08.02      Eck.-förder Nachr. 26.08.02


... and we had more luck. The weather was the whole weekend about fantastically. From the 23rd to the 26.08.2002 there met in (Achs) Schinkel 44 GTSsen, Italian (Ralph Weiss itself may forgive me) and into the bargain quite a lot of BMW, Honda, Harley, Suzuki and Kawa. The mood was great and we had amount like one can recognize in the pictures easily... 

Gelaendeluft1_c.jpg (187014 Byte)     Gelaendeluft2_c.jpg (193372 Byte)     Warteschlei_fe1_c.jpg (122611 Byte)     Warteschlei_fe2_c.jpg (109388 Byte)     P8240042.jpg (401292 Byte)

           The area from the highest possible point                 Waiting at the Fjord Schlei, the bridge was open          Optical Deception 02

P8240044.jpg (363331 Byte)     P8240045.jpg (352594 Byte)     P8240047.jpg (395803 Byte)     Presse_c.jpg (394874 Byte)     P8230003.jpg (405737 Byte)     

                                                                                                                                      The whole Press               The GTS of Mr. N.

P8240029.jpg (384982 Byte)     P8240035.jpg (395693 Byte)     P8230001.jpg (387730 Byte)     P8230002.jpg (405185 Byte)     P8230008.jpg (333991 Byte)     

    The.... yes, is good            The GTS of Mr. T.                 Marching up area                GTSser also camp!!            The poor cow...

P8230009.jpg (377491 Byte)     P8230010.jpg (344957 Byte)     P8230011.jpg (434604 Byte)     P8230012.jpg (439694 Byte)     P8230016.jpg (368489 Byte)     

    Another Drrrink???                  Cheeeers                                 light list                     in comfortable round             Mr P. orders what? 

P8230019.jpg (209982 Byte)     P8230023.jpg (172882 Byte)     P8230025.jpg (228891 Byte)     P8240026.jpg (399225 Byte)     P8240028.jpg (417673 Byte)                              Mattes immediately bites...    Yes, Mr. R. from K.            Angie from beh..beep .  the first mornings afterwards        On to the breakfast

P8240030.jpg (384395 Byte)     Reih und Glied krumm.jpg (585666 Byte)     Reih und Glied Krumm2.jpg (482540 Byte)     scandinavian GTS.jpg (584785 Byte)     

 To the collecting blown         Worth seeing, so a lot of Achssch (i) enkel together           Scandinavian-GTS

P8240031.jpg (387499 Byte)     P8240059.jpg (316769 Byte)     P8240061.jpg (402266 Byte)     P8250065.jpg (457459 Byte)     Nicht schiessen.jpg (187063 Byte)              

does it go off then soon?    Pay attention, I appear...                  time out                            Rock'n Rolling                   Don´t shoot me     

Sverige_Connection.jpg (276133 Byte)     BMW.jpg (290898 Byte)

    Sverige-Connection          "Thus, in the BMW.."

bei Opa Thede 8.jpg (85643 Byte)

       Opa Thede