GTS 1000 - Meeting 1999


In 1999 the whole thing began. Ralph Weiss was the first organizer of a GTS1000 Meeting. As a venue Arabba was announced in the Dolomites. At the Hotel Olympia, a hotel really very to be recommended met 16, or were it nevertheless only 15, GTS 1000 and her drivers on each other.  The hotel offers a lot of service for motorcyclists. A garage, a drying space are available for wet things and even one or other tools for small repair. You can even wash the motorcycle. Also you cannot grumble at the prices with the accommodation. Who is sometimes in the area, should lodge there. Unfortunately, about the activities of this meeting I can report nothing. I would be grateful for infos. However, must have been good, see the photos..

Here a small choice:

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                                            Hey Ralph, does it hurt?                                               Group picture with ladies

I would be grateful for brief commentaries to the pictures to Martin