Hello GTS fans and such who want to become one. You can publish your photos with descriptions of your holiday tours, private meeting etc. here. Each of us has his favourite Course, which would be quite charming perhaps also for other. Briefly said: Here will be published what has nothing to do with the annual meeting, but with the GTS anyway.

The beginning is my turn: A report about the last Tour of the Northern-GTS´ses at the end of the official season on October 3rd 05:

On 9-9-05 I have all e-mail addresses that available for me of the northern GTS owners nicked from Helmuth´s database and invited everyone to the end of the season for 3-10-2005 with a common Tour. Meeting place was a Burger-King Drive-Inn in Neumünster at 9.30 hours, because this is a relatively central point in Schleswig-Holstein for activities for everyone. Some has not answered but it´s ok. It was made an inquiry about whether also purchased parts are welcome. We have not the slightest problem with that. So we are waiting for coming sensations in the most marvellous weather conditions: Who will  come or also not to Neumünster.

Dagmar and I were alone first, but then it worked very fast so we came onto altogether 18 motorcycles. And now it comes: The GTSsen were represented alone with 10 copies. I was completely aghast because I had never expected such a resonance. We set out for the usual photos and the knowing studying conversations and a coffee and then started in the direction of the west at 10.30 hours. Unfortunately, I had to consider the planned tour closed because from Breiholz to Rendsburg a great rowing regatta, i think the greatest worldwide, took place on the north Baltic Sea channel and some intermediate stops failed through this.

I had worked out the tour so that it would get at most 150 kilometres long. Some of the Guys has a long Journey and Departure and the time plays also a big role. We have seldom driven faster than 90 km/h actually. For most approximately 300 kilometres came together at the end.

Our first aim was the Grünentaler high-bridge over the channel after 50 kilometres. You have a lovely view over the surroundings from here. The stop was, as it seems apparently very urgently: The motorcycles hardly stood on the stands, allmost all ran into the bushes. The Coffee???

We have a "Smoke-Break" for 30 Minutes and then we went to Meldorf via a couple of little detours to a Yugoslavian restaurant. I knew the restaurant from my master schooldays in 1994-95 and had reserved before. I phoned the exact number of the participants to the host from Neumünster. Everything has turned wonderfully. We have comfortably had lunch in a large round there. We have parked and taken the obligatory pictures on the area of the former master school.

From Meldorf it then went direction Heide, where we worked allways completely through various traffic lights . The two-wheeled vehicle museum of Walter (called grandpa by everyone very lovingly) Thede was our next aim in Ostrohe/Kringelkrug directly at the B202. You must have seen this museum. We are there once a year and it is an experience every time. The enthusiasm of the people who never were there was great and the time goes on very quickly. However, it doesn´t matter. Our large group dissolved there into more small ones and it goes in different directions on the detour home.

It was a very beautiful day and i whish to say thank´s to all the participiants. I Hope we see us all at the Beginning-Tour in 2006.


And the Pictures:


          Meeting of the  Gladiators                             Fuc..... Kamera                 Walters Duckdance?                                              a few new ideas....


     Grünental                     parking place in Meldorf                                            in cosier round


                                                 Opa Thede in his element                                                                                        only a few specimens of this...


                         .real worth seeing collection